Monday, December 8, 2008

Once the first season of TrueBlood was over, the billsbabes started to go into a depressed funk. To help get myself and all the other babes out from this wasteland of no Bill Compton, I started these Multiple Choice Questions about TrueBlood. The idea was that if we wanted to know the answers, we would have to watch specific scenes again and see all the things we missed the first 100 times of watching. When we notice the fine details we can appreciate not only the actors, but, all the other talents who help make TB happen.

Want the answers? Then you are going to have to go look for the clue! Somewhere on this site is a gold key. Find the key, click on it and you have all the answers! Vote first though!

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I will end this season with a Q that is like the first one when we were on the HBO site.Thanks to all of you who voted I hope you enjoyed it.The scene is from epi 7(I just have too!) How many moans(mmM) does Bill emit during the "so-so pefect" lovemaking?

posted April 11,2009. I always wondered if Lettie-May's demon had a name.Do demons ever get names like Ernest?Just before Lettie asks Tara for the money to get Ernest out, she pours a spiked mug of coffee in a yellow chipped mug. What was on the mug?

posted March 23rd2009 Laffy!!-Ohhh Laffy!! Since he first uttered the words "give you some cocoa" he has been my signature.For this "Q" we are going back to see him in his "gold pants".What did our Laffy have in his tiny livingroom fridge besides "V"?

posted March 7,2009 I have a serious soft spot for Terry so this time I thought we should give him another look. In Season 1 Episode 11, what kind of show does Terry like to watch? Hint: Christopher Lowell was the host.

posted February 22,2009. It is time to visit the nudist group that Sam claimed his parents were part off. How far back does "Natures Community" keep their records?

posted Feb 10,2009. Back to the year of 1865-the vampire who turned Bill(her name has not been mentioned on the show)claimed to have a husband who was in the 13th infantry, and fought at Shilo under which Colonel? Thanks to ABN for the three wrong answers!

posted February 1,2009 This week I had to go back to episode 7 - NO not Bill and Sookie!!! We gonna see Lettie-Mae and her demon! How many Brillo Pieces did the box Tara hide her money in hold?

posted January25,2009 I am not a Jason & Amy fan, but, I have to hand it to Jason - he has that "dumb blonde" thing going for him! This weeks "q" we are going back to Jason & Amy(no groans please!!!) What did Jason study for 2 years at Vo-tech?

posted January 18,2009 For this weeks question we go to episode 10 and the Tribunal. How many vamps are on top of the school bus behind the Magister? Thanks to knr5501 for this one!

posted January 11, 2009 In the entire first season of TB how many people used seatbelts? (thanks to TrUe for this one)

posted January 3rd,2009 When is Tara's car due to be inspected?

posted December 27, 2008 What aisle is the Pepto Bismol on at the DeSoto Pharmacy?

posted December 18,2008. If the billsbabes do not know the answer to this then there is no hope! In season 1 how many times did Bill wear a short sleeved henley?

poster December 11,2008 We get to visit that wonderful,wonderful episode#7 for tonight's question. The candlesticks Jason stole from "Gran" were a gift from whom?

Posted December 10,2008 Andy and Terry went fishing, what was the number on their boat?

What does Sookie have hanging from her rearview mirror

poted December 8,2008 So tonight let us belly up to the bar at Merlotte's, order a drink and peruse all the items on the wall. What is the number of the liscense plate behind the bar?

What kinda cereal does Jason have next to his refrigerator?

posted December 6,2008 Tonight's question we are going back to episode 1 the very first scene. In the convenience store, what is hanging on the wall right next to the TV "with that pretty blonde vampire lady" on it?

posted December 5,2008 I am certain some of you have been waiting for this question - it is such an obviuos one. When Bill wakes from his dream of Sookie being strangled, he looks at his watch. What time did his watch have?

posted December 4,2008 Tonight's TrueBlood multiple choice question: What color/colour are the tiles around the fireplace in Sookie's living room? Hint: You see it clearly in episode 12.

posted December 3,2008 Let's get serious now! Here is tonight's question: What is the name of the beer on the light over the billiards table at Merlotte's

posted December 2,2008 What was the number address where Arlene and Renee lived? Tough one I know! But by now you should be paying attention to other things besides Bill!! (snicker, snicker, hawhaw!).

posted December1,2008 How many books does Bill have in his hidey hole, door in the floor, resting place, Dick,Dick,Dick hole, safe haven, home base,stake free zone(SFZ), Bill box,daybed,Chillaxin' chamber, hunk trunk vamp camp,Bill's nether regions?

posted November 30,2008 So here is tonight's question. We have all watched this scene many times so the amswer should come to you! During the first love making scene between Bill and Sookie how many candles were on the right side of the fireplace?

posted November 29,2008 When Bill went to ask Sam to watch over Sookie while he was at the Tribunal - what time was it? Excellent excuse to watch that goodbye scene again!

posted November28,2008. We have all seen this episode over and over!So just close your eyes and envision this scene.How many times does Bill say "Sookie" when he is trying to wake her from her valium induced sleep?Ya gotta love the way he says her name!

posted November 27,2008 Here is the billsbabes early morning question! How many times does Denis Ratray call Sookie C**NT?

posted November 26,2008. For this one I will test your"Bill sex knowledge"! How many Uuhhh's does Bill make in the graveyard sex scene? Don't include any "feeding" noise. Close your eyes and envision this thrusting scene!